Velauno helps you raise funds for your school, organization while enjoying the most amazing water sports such as paddleboarding and kayaking at the Condado Lagoon.  All you need is a group of minimum 20 participants to start with this new concept of fundraising challenges.  You can raise lots of money  for your organization or school while having fun in an interesting activity.

The concept is geniusly simple. Your organization purchases complete hours of our service offering at a deeply discounted price and sell that service capacity at profit. The more hours sold and purchased and the higher the retail price the more money you will raise.

The first purchased hour is sold for $300, every additional hours sell at $250.

Our service capacity is 18 SUP boards, 2 Double Kayaks and 3 Single Kayaks. That is total of 25 persons per hour. If you sell it at $20 per person that profits the organization $100 on the first hour and $100 every additional hour. Easy breezy money!